AOC Lalande de Pomerol

Lalande de Pomerol appellation is made up of two communes: Néac, and Lalande de Pomerol. It is on Néac that the vines are located, in the prolongation of the plateau of Pomerol. From the West to the East, the soils are sand-gravel to clay-limestones very rich in clays, to finish on pure clays. The gravels give to the wines smoothness and elegance, and clays bring the power and the force. From the blend of these 3 very different soils we obtains rich and complex wines.
   Château Haut Chatain Cuvée Prestige
   Château Haut Chatain
   Château La Rose Chatain

AOC Montagne Saint Emilion

Located in the extreme west of the commune of Montagne, in the prolongation of the plateau of Pomerol and Néac, the vines of the property are planted on sand-gravel and clay soils. The originality of this terroir of Montagne lies in the undersoil made up of iron oxides (also called “iron chips”). They get very spiced flavours and make that the Montagne Saint Emilion wines of the property are powerful and specific of their soil.
   Château Lacoste Chatain

AOC Bordeaux Supérieur Red

The vines of the property are located just beside the vines of Montagne Saint Emilion. The soils are sand-clay and gravelly there. The red wines which are elaborated there are fruity, smooth and elegant.
   Château Haut Chatain

AOC Bordeaux Clairet

On the same grounds as for Bordeaux Superieur, and according to the vintage, we can work out the Clairet. By using only red grapes, specially matured Merlots on gravel soils, we obtain very fruity wines with a lot of smoothness. "Noctis" the Clairet has a beautiful and dark color.